Full Care Board, Call for pricing.

Private Lesson, Call for pricing.
Group Lesson, Call for pricing.

Cross-country Schooling by appointment only, $35 per horse. Riders must wear safety vests and have a grounds person.

The base consists of four inches of compacted stone dust topped with two inches of washed masonry sand that has been mixed with felt and medical grade rubber. We use magnesium chloride to keep the footing moist instead of watering it. The indoor is open for use at all times. The outdoor arena is even larger at 185’ X 85’. It also has a stone dust base topped with sand. Our cross-country course has banks, steps, and ditches of all shapes and sizes as well as two water elements. We also have 45 portable hunter-style jumps ranging in size from 2’ – 3’. The course covers approximately twenty-one acres, mostly open and some wooded. We also have a variety of jumper-style fences that are set up in the arenas and a separate jumping field.


There are two large tack rooms in the barn, one on either side. Each boarder is provided a floor to ceiling locker with racks, hooks and shelving. Other amenities that Holiday boasts are XM radio, a water cooler, microwave, and fridge that is kept stocked with sodas, Gatorades, and the occasional bottle of wine or beer.

Four pastures, two on either side, surround the barn. Each pasture is approximately six acres enclosed by oak board fencing. We utilize the sand paddocks and rotate the fields to ensure that the grass stays healthy year round. To control flies, fly predators are used, and the fields are dragged routinely to disperse the manure.

The design of our Amish built barn was well thought out to maximize efficiency. The indoor arena has 10 stalls on either side. Each stall is 10’ x 12’ with ¾ inch thick interlocking rubber mats, heated automatic waterers, and dutch doors that open out to four large sand paddocks outside. Two 12’ wide aisle ways run between the stalls and the arena. Within the barn is a warm and cold water wash stall with an extra large water heater. Along the full length of the barn, on either side are 10’ overhangs that provide shelter to the horses when they are outside. Under these overhangs are eight square bale feeders that are always kept filled with hay. Plastic tubs lay beneath each feeder to catch the hay as the horses eat. This way, the horses never eat hay from the ground. When the gates to the pastures are opened, the horses are still able to come up to the barn for shelter or to eat hay if they prefer.

Horse Care

Here at Holiday, the health and well-being of the horses entrusted to our care are of the utmost importance. We treat every horse individually. With eight types of top quality grain and two kinds of premium Pennsylvania hay, Holiday ensures that each horse is getting exactly what it needs nutritionally. Hay is made available, at all times, day and night. The owner of Holiday Stables lives on the property with family, and the horses are checked frequently throughout the day.


Our facility includes both an outdoor and indoor arena as well as a brand new cross-country course. Our 175’ X 75’ indoor arena is well lit and has state of the art footing.